About our Curriculum

Our knowledge-led Curriculum is broad, balanced, and enriched.  We recognise that pupils learn in different ways, and adopt a variety of teaching styles to engage and enthuse our young learners, to motivate them to strive for the very best that they can achieve, and to stimulate their interest so as to encourage them to extend their learning independently in the home environment.  Tasks are tailored to suit the abilities of the various classroom groups, and there are targeted intervention programmes for those requiring support, and extension activities to challenge the more able, gifted or talented. Our Accelerated Reader scheme is extremely popular with pupils, who enjoy the Reading Quizzes which test their understanding.  St Mary's subscriptions to the online Times Table Rockstars and Spelling Shed programmes (links as below) enable all pupils to practise, and to consolidate, their Maths and Spelling skills.

In building our curriculum, we have identified the following threads which connect our school's Vision with our Curriculum Intent and subsequent leadership, teaching and learning and community-based activities.  Consideration will always be given to: 
  • purpose (Why are we learning about...?);
  • approach (How are we going to learn about...?); and
  • outcome (What will we achieve?).
For further information about the Curriculum which each year-group is following, please see our year-group and subject-specific pages, which may be accessed via the buttons to the left.  Your child's Class Teacher will be happy to speak with you should you have any questions. 
Parents wishing to discuss withdrawing their child(ren) from Religious Education or Relationships and Sex Education are requested to consult with the Headteacher.