Cultural Guarantee

"The best cultural education can change a young person’s sense of the wider world around them, opening up possibilities for their future that may have previously seemed outside of their grasp."                                                                                                             Darren Henley, OBE

Studies have shown that three elements common throughout the best examples of cultural education are:

Teaching children about the best of what has been created, and is currently being created (for example, about great literature, art, architecture, film, music and drama), thus introducing them to a broader range of cultural thought and creativity.  (Knowledge-based)  

Development of children’s analytical and critical faculties.  Learning how to think both creatively and critically, and to express their views articulately, are important attributes for any young person.  Studying cultural education subjects helps to develop a child’s personality, abilities and imagination.

Teaching children how to participate in, and to create, new culture for themselves (for example, by designing a product, drawing, composing music, directing a play, choreographing a dance piece, or making a short film).  These skills include solo activities, such as reading books, writing stories, drawing pictures, learning crafts or making music, as well as collaborative work such as singing or acting in an ensemble that helps children to learn how to join together as a team.  Cultural education activities outside the school environment also enable young people to gain new perspectives on their studies inside the classroom, through visits to museums, galleries or heritage sites, or through seeing and hearing performances from professional artists.

and this is what we aspire to achieving, by means of curricular design. 

In its delivery of a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum, Ely St Mary's C of E Junior School is committed to providing all pupils with access to cultural activities during their time at the school.  Opportunities may include, but will not be restricted to:

  •         seeing a professional live performance of music, dance or drama;
  •         participating as a performer, or technically supporting, a live performance;
  •         visiting an exhibition at an art gallery;
  •         visiting a library;
  •         learning about the practices of different faiths and cultures;
  •         learning about, and making, films or animations;
  •         visiting a museum or cultural heritage site;
  •         participating in a sporting or musical event;
  •         participating in a residential educational experience;
  •         attending workshops with experts in music/storytelling/poetry/visual arts/dance/drama/or sport.
The school is in the process of developing its "11 before 11" offer - namely, 11 opportunities which all pupils will have experienced by the end of their 4 years at St Mary's.