Design Technology




Across Key Stage 2, our Design Technology curriculum aims to provide opportunities for children to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems, within a variety of contexts and for varying audiences and purposes.

By the end of the key stage, children will have an understanding of how Design Technology differs from Art (function vs form), including the skills and progression involved in the designing and making process.

Our children will also have opportunities to work on projects that require them to draw upon skills from across the curriculum including Maths, Science, Engineering, Computing and Art. 



At St Mary’s, we begin each Design Technology unit with a challenge question. This provides a real-life context and problem to be solved, which initiates the design process and related discussion and ideas. This context also helps to signify the purpose and audience of the task to avoid a sole focus on aesthetics.

The design process takes the children through:

  •         identifying the problem;
  •         exploring what others have done, possible materials and techniques to be used, market research;
  •         drawing designs;
  •         creating and building their ideas;
  •         testing their product;
  •         evaluating and adjusting their designs.

These steps mirror the design process of engineers and we are keen to inspire our children through the teaching of all our STEM subjects to pursue these areas into further education and beyond, and to make a difference to the future.

In every year group children develop the National Curriculum skills of designing, making and evaluating throughout units. Across the key stage the technical knowledge is sequenced progressively enabling children to develop their experience and knowledge of complex structures, mechanical and electrical systems as they get older and where this is supported by cross-curricular links within the year groups.

The teaching of nutrition is developed through Science, PE and Design Technology across the key stage and we aim for all children to have a cooking experience by the end of Year 6.



To view the Design Technology coverage map and progression of skills, please see our curriculum document 2020/21, which may be accessed via the link below.



Our Design Technology Policy is to be found via this link: School Policies