Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust (DEMAT)

Together we are stronger.
Ely St Mary's C of E Junior School is proud to be a member of the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust (DEMAT).  Its membership now approaching 40 schools, DEMAT exists to provide high-quality services, challenge and support to schools within the Diocese that wish to take on academy status.  In growing the MAT, DEMAT's aim is to develop long-term relationships within and across communities, in which there is an opportunity for continuous improvement. 
DEMAT's Mission
is to support and encourage the work of academies in DEMAT, promoting Christian distinctiveness through high quality education of children and young people
and its
Core Values
  • to ensure that its academies are centres of excellence, with a focus on academic outcomes and the nurture of resilience and respect, as set out in the Ofsted Inspection Handbook;
  • to promote high quality professional development and encourage mutual support in the pursuit of effective teaching and good pupil progress;
  • to develop innovative and aspirational thinking, building on its long educational heritage, and to make use of the latest research in pedagogy and child development;
  • to foster, maintain and celebrate Christian distinctiveness in its schools; and
  • to ensure its academies have a particular vocation to the least advantaged, enabling them, through education, to change their life opportunities.
DEMAT's Core Purpose

DEMAT's school improvement approach seeks to build strong capacity to improve from within, and a culture that looks outward, ever seeking to be better.  The Trust:  

  •         encourages strong and capable system leaders;
  •         enables its people to excel in providing outstanding education; and
  •         builds trust and respect across its academies.
The Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust enables the sharing of best practice as between its member academies, and the opportunity to benefit from the economies of scale which are achievable across a cluster of schools.
The principles applied in managing the Trust are: 
  •         openness and honesty to build DEMAT, be transparent, sharpen accountability and drive improvement;
  •         operation of a simple, efficient organisation, which seeks, wherever possible, to measure value for money in terms of impact on learner outcomes;
  •         operation of an effective & strong governance framework; and
  •         tight control of resources so as to achieve economies, efficiencies and effectiveness.
In practical terms, what Trust membership means for St Mary's is, inter alia:
  • ready access to advice and professional support;
  • challenge, and a continuous drive for improvement;
  • inter-school collaboration, with two-way sharing of best practice; 
  • access to a centralised programme of training and development;
  • opportunities to bid for additional funding;
  • benchmarking, both of pupil attainment and progress outcomes, and expenditure.