Health & Safety

DEMAT's Health & Safety Procedure/Statement, which has been written to cover The Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust's schools/academies and central shared services, can be found via the following link:  Here can be found a detailed explanation of the Trustees' responsibilities, delegated duties and expectations of staff, governors and volunteers.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to Health & Safety, please contact the Health & Safety Lead/Governor responsible for Health & Safety at the school in the first instance (contact details below).  If you require additional support, or wish to raise questions or concerns with The Trust, please contact the Trust Health & Safety Officer (contact details below).

Health & Safety Contacts:

St Mary's School Health & Safety Lead is: Rebecca Ireland-Curtis, Headteacher, email via, telephone number (01353) 662163.

The governor with responsibility for Health & Safety is: Clive Jeffries, Chair of Governors, email via, telephone number (01353) 662163.

Details for the Trust's Health & Safety Officer are: Joanne Patterson, email address, telephone number: (01353) 656760 or 07530748066.