Year 3

As teachers and families all over the country continue to support children’s education from home, we at Ely St Mary’s would like to ensure all children have the opportunity to maintain and build upon their achievements so far, as much as they can, whatever their age and stage.  With this in mind, please see the resources provided below. 

In addition, we recognise that education reaches far beyond the academics alone.  We appreciate any opportunities parents and carers may be able to offer their children to learn and practise skills from across the curriculum, and also to develop their knowledge and skills as citizens of an ever-changing world.  Why not learn to sew, bake, paint, draw, be a good friend and neighbour, keep a healthy body and mind? 


If we can help in any way, please do leave a message with your class teacher on Dojo, or via the school email, and we will endeavour to do as much as we can.