Reading runs to the heart of our knowledge-based Curriculum, and the importance of reading cannot be overstated.  

We are extremely proud of our Library, which is well-stocked with books of all genres - there is something for everyone!  All pupils are encouraged to read regularly, both in school and at home, as reading really helps with spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence construction and the acquisition of knowledge, as well as being an enjoyable pastime.  St Mary's uses the Accelerated Reader scheme, which checks comprehension by means of computerised tests taken by pupils on completion of books, and which tailors suggested book choices to pupils' reading abilities.  

The importance of Reading is promoted through Readathon events, and through the annual celebration of World Book Day.

Looking for Books?  Why not try one of Miss Gardner's 'Recommended Reads'?


Our librarians will also be happy to offer advice.  

Alternatively, follow the link below to go to the Library Catalogue to search for books in our Library.  To see which books you have on loan, or to write a book review, you will need to enter your library barcode number as the username, and your date of birth (in the format 03052001 if your date of birth happens to be 3rd May 2001, for example) as your password.

Go to the Cambridgeshire Libraries web page to search for books in any of the Cambridgeshire libraries.  If you have a Cambridgeshire Libraries Card, you can reserve books from any library in Cambridgeshire for collection at Ely Library.
Go to AR BookFinder UK to check whether the title of a book which you have at home, or which you have borrowed from Cambridgeshire Libraries, is included in the Accelerated Reader range so that, once you have read the book, you can do a quiz on it at school.
Visit this site for book-related activities, book reviews, and book suggestions: