School Council & Class Ambassadors

Please welcome our new School Councillors for 2021/2022. Our School Council is supported by Ms Ashburn who meets with them each week.
In addition, each class has a nominated Class Ambassador. Class Ambassadors demonstrate our school values of R.E.S.P.E.C.T throughout the day and act as role models for others around them. They show excellent behaviour and learning attitudes and care for others and the environment. Nominations for Class Ambassadors are updated each half term, encouraging all pupils to aspire to this role.
In 2017, St Mary's adopted the Smart School Council model, recognising all children as a member of the council and enabling all children to have a voice and to inspire and lead change. 
Our School Council is led by a 8 pupils alongside Ms Ashburn and have chosen to work on the following areas this year (21/22):
  • Junior Travel Ambassadors (with Cambridgeshire County Council)
  • Fundraising and Charity - local, national and global levels.
  • Developing an environmentally friendly school.
  • Whole School Events inc Anti Bullying Week.