Trips, Visits and Activities

Here at St Mary's we offer a wide range of trips, visits and activities to supplement pupils' classroom-based learning, and to bring the curriculum to life.  During their time at St Mary's all pupils are offered the opportunity of enrolling on one or more residential trips, or participating in the alternative school-based programme of activities which runs alongside, with similar learning objectives. 
A 3-day residential trip to Hilltop Outdoor Centre is currently offered to those in Year 4, the educational aims being personal and physical development: to build teamwork, co-operation, self-esteem, social skills, and to develop strategies for overcoming obstacles.  For many, this is their first stay away from home, and it encourages confidence and independence.  There is a variety of activities from which to choose, and pupils might find themselves learning archery skills, whizzing down zipwires, orienteering, investigating rockpools, or playing a tactical game of 'Giants, Wizards and Dwarfs'.
For children in Year 6, a cultural visit to London, our capital city, beckons.  Over the course of 3 days pupils fly the London Eye, visit Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, take a guided cruise along the River Thames to see the sights, go to the Tate Modern/Science/Imperial War Museum, take in 2 London shows, and enjoy a visit to London Zoo.  Very busy, but certainly a fantastic experience which will endure in their memories!
In addition to the above, we regularly welcome visitors to school to run curricular-related history or science activities, to deliver assemblies, and to perform plays with a Personal, Social, and Health Education message, and our pupils make good use of local facilities such as the Cathedral and Ely Museum to supplement their studies, as well as venturing further afield.