Virtual Sports Day

7th July 2020 


Dear Parents/Carers, 


I am delighted to announce that, this year, St Mary’s is running a virtual sports festival!  In these stange times we have worked hard to ensure that everyone is able to compete with as little equipment as possible, so that everyone can access the festival and have some fun. 


Alongside this letter there is a .pdf document in which you may see some familiar faces supporting you in your sporting efforts. Within this document is a set of activities, demonstrations as to how these are to be performed safely, and some instructions on what you might need. 


We hope that everyone will be able to take part and compete for their House, but understand if not everyone is able to do this.  With this in mind, this year the score will be calculated by the number of points achieved by each child divided by the number of entries.  We would love to see some pictures of you competing this year, and have included additional awards for each House, including enjoyment, inclusion through family involvement, and best athlete based on individual score. 


You will also receive a score sheet.  Please do not feel you have to complete the activities in one day as this is a sports festival.  Record what you can in the correct box and upload your score sheet onto your Class Dojo Portfolio.  From here it will be sent to Mr Greenwood and Mr Hilborn, for calculation purposes.  Scores will be recorded and released on the school’s Facebook page on Monday 13th July.  Please upload pictures and videos onto your portfolio as well, as we love seeing what you are all up to, and miss you all! 


Good luck, and may the best House win! 


Mr Greenwood

PE Lead 


Virtual Sports Festival – Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th July 2020 


Bat and ball bounce with Ms Gardner and Ms Law

Jumping jacks with Miss Hale

Running man with Mrs Mason

Mountain climbers with Miss Clarke

Bounce and Catch with Miss K

Squat thrusts with Mrs Schulenburg

Balancing on one leg with Mrs IC and Mr Hopper

Burpees with Miss Russell

High knees with Mrs Gilpin-Davies

Sit ups with Mr Balmer

Speed bounce with Mr Hilborn

Tuck jumps with Mrs Briggs and co

Step ups with Mr Noble

Throw and catch with Mrs Raven and India Brabbs

Leg Kicks with Mrs Wyatt

Press ups with Mr Greenwood and Miss Carr