Year 5

As we embark on a new academic year like no other, we are keen to ensure all pupils have access to weekly sequences of lessons from home, in the event that they need to self-isolate, and temporarily to continue their learning away from school.  Over the course of September, staff will be working with our Local Governing Body and DEMAT to ensure we have our ‘Blended Learning Offer’ in place.  This document will outline the planned provision for our pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, in the event of:


  1. individual pupils self-isolating; or
  2. a year-group bubble self-isolating at home (for approximately 2 weeks); or
  3. whole-school closure (short term); or
  4. whole-school closure as a result of local/national lockdown.


At the present time, scenario 1 from the above list is most common.  In this situation, please find below documents setting out Year 5's sequence of lessons and activities in each of English and Maths for the relevant week.  As each class is rotating, for resourcing purposes, when foundation subject blocks (history, geography, art etc) are taught, please Dojo your class teacher in the event of an absence, and he/she will provide the wider curriculum lessons and project for that week – this may be in the form of a PDF, or a link to relevant lessons on Oak National Academy.


We would ask that those pupils who are isolating, but feel well enough, engage each day with the lesson activities provided, both to progress their learning, and to assist their return to class as, when they return, they will have tried the lessons that they would usually have missed out on if absent.


We have tried to keep the formatting of the sequences as user-friendly as possible, recognising that these resources are usually delivered by qualified staff, and complemented with a range of face-to-face teaching techniques and practical resources.  In addition, all pupils continue to have access to the online resources of Spelling Shed, Tackling Tables and TT Rock Stars, and Accelerated Reader.  As before, we value any support and learning that is able to take place at home; it all contributes to the progress, success and happiness of the children, no matter how small, so thank you in advance for your help.  


Finally, class teachers continue to be contactable via the office or Class Dojo during working hours as well. However, please be aware that between 9am-3:30pm, much of this time will be teaching and away from their emails/ Dojo, so please do telephone the school if urgent.

Autumn Term, Weeks 6&7 (12.10.20&19.10.20)
Autumn Term 2, Week 1 (02.11.20)
Autumn Term, Week 6 (12.10.20)
Autumn Term, Week 7 (Mon-Thurs) (19.10.20)
Autumn Term 2, Week 1 (02.11.20)